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SEND and Inclusion across the Federation

Special Education Needs and the Local Offer


At Woodville Schools Federation  children’s progress is constantly monitored and assessed and careful records are kept. Occasionally we find that a child does not make the progress we expect. In this case parents are consulted and appropriate steps taken to support the child. Our Special Education Needs co-ordinator is Miss Carly Peake.


An Individual Education Plan may be made with individual targets, review dates and ideas to help parents to support their child at home. If targets continue not to be met, outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists or Behaviour Specialists may be called upon for extra support. After further consultation with parents the Local Authority (LA) may have to make a statutory assessment based on specialist advice. The LA may then draw up an Education Health Care Plan. This describes all of the child’s needs and all the special help that should be provided.


The Local Authority has put together a web site called the Local Offer to help parents find out about helpful services in the local area for all children, as well as those children that have special educational needs. Click the link below to access this ‘Local Offer’ web site.


Our assessment procedures also identify children of very high academic ability and work is planned to meet the learning requirements of these children. We work hard to ensure that these children are consistently challenged when at school.

Inclusion Manager