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Friday 13th October: 1.35pm update


School will be open on Monday 16th October.

Children should come to school on Monday morning at the usual time. If your child is showing signs of being unwell please continue to keep them at home and follow the guidance provided on the leaflet below. We thank you for your continued support.



Friday 13th October: 8.45am update


We have received reports of a few more children coming down with sickness this morning. Please click on the link below for information and guidance.

We do appreciate that the school closure may cause families inconvenience, however the decision has been made to try to prevent further spread of the virus. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Thursday 12th October: 7.00pm


School is closed for staff and pupils on Friday 13th October 2017 due to the outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea. This will allow for a deep clean of the school and resources.