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Welcome to our Governors' section. 

Annual Governance Statement - September 2020-2021

The Governing Body and School Leadership – Working in Partnership

The Governing Body provides the strategic management and long-term direction for the school; it constantly challenges the schools leadership to ensure that standards are high and maintained.  Governors act, not as individuals but as a group to support the work of the Head Teacher, staff and pupils.


The Governing Body of Woodville Schools Federation meet six times a year to review and support the leadership and management of the schools, to discuss the standard of education being provided for the children and to ensure the on-going improvement of the schools. Our governors visit the schools regularly and work in partnership with the Executive Headteacher and the staff.


The Governing Body uses a committee structure to fulfil its duties and responsibilities in areas such as curriculum, teaching and learning, resource management, finance, personnel matters, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of standards. Membership of committees are determined annually as are the Terms of Reference.


What is the composition of our Governing Body?

The Governing Body of Woodville Schools Federation is led by Mr Stephen Taylor (Chair of Governors), elected by the Governing Body from within its membership.  Staff members, including the Head Teacher, cannot be elected to this office.  The term of office for our Governors is set at 4 years.


Our Governing body is made up of key stakeholders:

  • Parents (2) – Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school.
  • Staff (1) – Staff Governors are elected by the school staff.
  • Co-opted (7) – the Governing Body appoints Co-opted Governors i.e. members of the local community.
  • Ex-Officio (1)– The Leicester Diocesan Board of Education appoints the Ex-Officio governor.                          
  • Local Authority (1) – Derbyshire Local Authority appoints a Local Authority Governor.
  • Foundation Governor (1) – The Leicester Diocesan Board of Education appoints the Foundation governor.
  • Headteacher (1) – Appointed by virtue of  post held in school.
  • Associate Members (2) – By virtue of post held in school (Heads of Schools)


Who are our Governors?

Mrs Amy Budworth

Chair of TLC

Parent Governor (Junior School)

Appointed 16.09.2019


Mrs Angela Bott

Chair of RMC

Parent Governor (Infant School)

Appointed 16.09.2019


Mr Stephen Taylor


Chair Of Governors                              

Co-opted Governor

Appointed 25.09.2019

Father Michael


Ex-Officio Governor

Appointed 28.11.2018

Karen Puszczynska

Executive Head Teacher

Appointed by virtue of post held in school  

Appointed 01.01.2021

Mr Malcolm Gee


Co-Opted Governor

Appointed 22.06.2021



Mr Joseph Green


Local Authority Governor

Appointed 14.09.2015


Ms Carly Peake


Co-opted Governor

Appointed 29.01.2018         


Mr Ben Phoenix-Langston    


Co-Opted Governor

Appointed 25.09.2019


Miss Lauren Galpin


Staff Governor

Appointed 01.02.2021


Mrs Katie Law


Clerk to Governors

Mr Wayne Simmons


Associate Member                                

Head of Schools

Appointed by virtue of post held in school

Mr Phil Poynton


Associate Member

Assistant Head to the Junior School


You may contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Stephen Taylor, via the school office. Please mark any corrospondence clearly for Mr Taylor’s attention and the office will make sure it is forwarded to him immediately. Alternatively you can speak to Mrs Smart directly and ask for email and /or telephone details for Mr Taylor.


Register of Financial and Business Interests

All School Governors are required to declare any interests they may have, which may result in a conflict of interests when decisions are being made by the Governing Body.  This includes: ownership of a company or organisation which may supply goods or services to the school, a close relationship with someone who may provide goods or services to the school, a close relationship with someone who is employed by the school, or being a Governor or staff member at another school.

The following interests have been declared by our Governors:

Mr Stephen Taylor – South Derbyshire District Councillor and Woodville Parish Councillor

Mr Ben Phoenix-Langston - Husband to a member of staff



Information about Governor Committees


Resource Management Committee


Angela Bott (Chair of RMC)

Allen Green

Steve Taylor

Ben Phoenix-Langston


Teaching and Learning Committee     


Amy Budworth (Chair of TLC)

Angela Bott

Carly Peake



Allen Green


Grievances and Appeals


Amy Budworth

Angela Bott


Appraisal and Pay


Allen Green (Chair)

Father Michael

Steve Taylor

Blossom Thompson

Angela Bott



Allen Green (Chair)

Steve Taylor

Angela Bott

Performance Management


Stephen Taylor

Allen Green

Carly Peake





British ValuesFather Michael   H & SAllen Green
EYFSAmy BudworthDisabilities & Equalities  Ben P-L
SEND EnglishAngela Bott
SafeguardingMalcolm GeeMaths 
Children in Care    ArtsSteve Taylor
Anti-BullyingCarly PeakePupil Premium 
Mental Health

Amy Budworth

Father Michael



Governors Attendance At Meetings


Governors NameAttendance at Full GB Meetings Record 2019-20Governors NameAttendance at Full GB Meetings Record 2019-20
Stephen Taylor4 out of 4Allen Green1 out of 4
Jayne Smart2 out of 4 5 out of 5
 4 out of 5Amy Budworth3 out of 4
Nathan Barr4 out of 4Angela Bott4 out of 4
Blossom Thompson1 out of 4



2 out of 4
Barry Wright4 out of 4



4 out of 4



4 out of 4Father Michael2 out of 4


What are the aims of our Governing Body?


Our Governors have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. 


Our aims are:

  1. To take responsibility for the management of the schools in partnership with the Executive Headteacher.
  2. To represent the wider community, bringing talents and skills to be shared for the good of the schools.
  3. To monitor standards in the schools and to work together to ensure continuous improvement.
  4. To ensure value for money.
  5. To be “critical friends” to the staff team and offer a high degree of challenge.
  6. To ensure that whatever decisions are made are always mindful of the best interests of the children.


Our governors are very involved in the day to day running of our school and can often be seen visiting classes and talking with children. Afterwards governors write a brief record of their visit which is shared with the staff and the full governing body at the next meeting. These visit records help to inform future decisions and are critical in supporting school improvement planning. Click on the links below to read some of our recent governor records.

Governors Code of Conduct 2019