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Working together for Excellence

Federation Vision, Ethos and Core Values

Woodville Schools Federation



At WSF we want all our children to leave school with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in life with confidence in their abilities and the humility and compassion to be a valued member of society.

'Working Together For Excellence'



At WSF our ethos is to inspire each other to be the best we can be, making a positive contribution to school and the wider community.

We aim, through our broad and balanced curriculum, to develop a strong sense of purpose in learning and PERSEVERANCE to help them now and in the future. We believe in creating lasting memories for our pupils that allows them to experience the value of JOY, CREATIVITY and individuality. We encourage all pupils to discover their own interests and confidence through asking questions and developing their full potential. We explore our understanding of the world and make sure that everyone sees the links between what we do in school and how it impacts the wider world. Through our RESPECT for each other we enable the children to develop their COURAGE to do what is right.


Our Core Values







What we teach about our core values